Licensed to Handle

All work undertaken by members of the Nottinghamshire Dormouse Group is carried out under the supervision of a licensed handler.

Several members of the group are registered to use a dormouse level 1 Class licence (CL10a), and some a level 2 (CL10b) which enables mark and recapture studies.

Dormouse handling licences are granted by the relevant statutory body, England and Wales. Licences are only granted to applicants with evidence of competency in dormouse handling and knowledge of the species’ ecology.

Licence Training

The Nottinghamshire Dormouse Group runs a one-to-one training programme for a small number of trainees each year, enabling them to work towards their licence. Training usually takes a minimum of two years, and requires trainees to complete a logbook evidencing their progress towards competency.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Nottinghamshire Dormouse Group and working towards gaining a dormouse handling licence, please contact our Membership Officer for further details.